Our Special Features

HRM & Payroll

Oversee the complete employee lifecycle, encompassing recruitment, payroll, attendance tracking, expense management, and asset transfers.


Improve the sales process to gain and keep more clients. Follow up on leads, seize chances, and send quotes.

Supplier & Purchasing

Essential aspects of supply chain management encompassing sourcing, assessment, and procurement of goods.

Accounting & Financial

This entails the documentation, examination, and administration of financial data and assets.


Efficiently oversee inventories, job cards, production planning, and bill of materials across multiple levels.

Report & Analytics

Examining and interpreting data within reports to extract valuable insights.

Inventory & Stock Management

This entails overseeing the complete lifecycle of inventory, from procurement to storage, tracking, and eventual sale.

Order Management

The system encompasses processes and activities concerning receiving, processing, fulfilling, and tracking customer orders, spanning across various stages.

Supply Chain Management

It encompasses the planning, execution, and control of diverse activities concerning the flow of goods, services, and information.

Timesheet and Attendance

Effortlessly track and manage work hours and attendance with precision. Our integrated Timesheet and Attendance module enhances workforce productivity and simplifies compliance, all in real-time. Perfect for keeping your projects on track and your operations seamless.


Streamline your bookings with our user-friendly Appointment Scheduling feature. Ensure no meeting is missed with easy-to-use calendar integration, automatic reminders, and flexible scheduling options designed to fit the dynamic needs of your business

Objectives and Key Results

Set ambitious goals and track measurable outcomes with our OKR feature. Align team efforts towards company objectives, foster engagement, and monitor progress to drive exceptional organizational performance.

Marketing Optimization Suite

Enhance your marketing efforts with automation that streamlines workflows and optimizes campaign results. Our module centralizes data for personalized interactions across email, social media and more, ensuring targeted, timely engagement across all channels

Workflow Automation

Boost your team’s efficiency with our Workflow Automation Module. It simplifies task management by automating actions like assignments, comments and priority changes as tasks move across your Kanban board. Set up unlimited custom rules and sequences to keep workflows running smoothly and tackle repetitive tasks with ease.

Sales Incentive Program

Drive peak sales performance with a flexible Commission Program tailored to reward results. Align incentives with individual goals and performance, using a variety of structures like tiered or residual commission. Our system ensures a clear, motivating link between sales efforts and earnings.